Food belongs to lovely memories. It is able to create unique emotions that a Chef shall pass on to his customers. Each day as the first day.


The cafeteria is not only a place to enjoy a juice or coffee: there will be always a wide selection of dishes cooked from Sicilian roots and tradition, a tradition that it is simple but at the same time refined: a sandwich with falsomagro, a rolled beef stuffed with eggs, ham and lard, or one with beef spleen, caciocavallo (a seasoned type of cheese), ricotta and lemon juice.
Menu Cafeteria

For lunch there will be a wide selection of first courses to try (and try over again), frittata, panelle, arancini and cous cous.  The origins embedded in Sicilian cuisine lies in the art of pastry-making: cassata, cannoli, il gelo di mellone , sweet cous cous .
Menu Pastry-making

For dinner, a la carte menu will be a culinary map that will guide guests to the discovery of my Sicily and its gastronomic history. Enjoy your journey..
Menu Dinner

Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas buffet
Christmas Eve and Christmas menu