Rascature or croquettes with potatoes and chick pea flour

For four people:

  • 100 g chickpeas cakes mixture
  • 80 g potatoes
  • 50 g caciocavallo ragusano
  • Breadcrumbs
  • few mint leaves
  • sunflower seed oil
  • salt and white pepper


Boil the potatoes with the peel in a saucepan containing an ample amount of water and, when ready, peel and mash them with a masher together with the already cold chickpeas cakes mixture.

Put them in a box, add the washed and chopped mint, grated cheese, salt and pepper and then mix. If the mixture is too moist or sticky, add some breadcrumbs.

Meanwhile heat a pan with plenty of oil and try to fry a small ball: if it remains compact and doesn’t break down, you did a good job! Create the rascature with the mixture, which take an elongated and elliptical shape. Fry them, and when they are golden brown, remove them with a skimmer. Put them on a greased dish lined with paper towels to absorb the excess fat.

Serve immediately, to your taste, in a sandwich.